What Can I Do?
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What can I do?

Call the police. Just because you were or are married or living with someone does not give them the right to threaten or abuse you.

Seek medical attention. Go to the emergency room, your doctor or the hospital for treatment, particularly if you have been choked. You could have injuries that you are not aware of.

Leave, if you can. There are Battered Women's shelters available.

What to take with you when you leave:

  • Identification Social Security Cards
  • Driver.s License and Car Registration
  • Medical Records and Information
  • Children.s Birth Certificate
  • Welfare Papers and Information
  • Your Birth and Marriage Certificate
  • School Records
  • Any Money you have
  • Green Card or Immigration Papers
  • Protective Order
  • Divorce Papers
  • Lease, Rental Agreement, or House Deed
  • Jewelry
  • Bank Books and Checkbooks
  • Small Toys for the Children
  • Insurance Papers
  • Small Objects of Value
  • Clothing
  • House and Car Keys
  • Address Book
  • Medication for you and your Children
  • Pictures