Aren't Husbands and Wives Equally Violent?
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Aren't husbands and wives equally violent?

In about 5% of reported domestic assaults, the offender is the male victim's wife or female partner.

Unfortunately, a well-publicized national survey purported to find husbands and wives are equally violent. The survey has been criticized by numerous prominent researchers on several grounds. Most importantly, the survey did not find out whether the violence was an act of self-defense nor did it examine the effects of the violence on the victim.

It is known that women generally resort to physical force in self-defense. It is also known that men who batter deny and minimize their acts of violence.

For these major reasons, the survey findings are highly misleading and potentially dangerous. Moreover, more than 80% of violent crimes that occur outside the home are committed by males. Why would women be so violent in the home, yet generally peaceful outside of it.