Signs of Abuse
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Signs of Abuse

Here are some examples of various types of abuse.
Ask yourself. Does your partner:


  • Say stupid, filthy, lazy, nasty, silly, etc.?

  • Forbid you to work, handle your own money, make decisions, or socialize with your friends?

  • Say an unfit mother or you do not deserve anything?

  • Force you to sign over property or give up your personal possessions?

  • Withhold affection to punish you?

  • As who would want you besides your partner?

  • Undermine your sense of power or confidence?


  • Shove, hit, slap, bite, choke, kick, cut, or burn you?

  • Threaten or hurt you with objects (pipe, hammer, rope, belts, guns, or knives?

  • Endanger you or your children with reckless driving?

  • Neglect you when you are sick, pregnant, or in need of medical treatment/

  • Throw object or restrain you?

  • Threaten or attempt to drown you?

  • Abandon you or lock you out of the house?


  • Force you to have sex when you don.t want to?

  • Commit sexual acts that you consider sadistic or unnatural?

  • Force you to have sex with or watch others?

  • Criticize your sexual performance?

Destructive Acts

  • Break furniture, ransack, or dump garbage in your house?

  • Slash tires, tamper with your car?

  • Hurt or kill pets to punish or frighten you?

It.s not okay. It.s battering.
Battering is a crime.

Many people are unaware that they are being abused.  If you are unsure about the way your partner treats you or acts, call and talk to someone who can help.  Someone is available 24 hours a day.