Protecting Your Children
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Protecting Your Children


  • Teach them not to get in the middle of a fight, even if they want to help.

  • Teach them how to get to safety and to call 911.

  • Teach them whom to call (friend or relative for help).

  • Teach them your address and phone number and what to tell police.

  • Tell them to stay out of the kitchen and not to get in closed spaces where they can be trapped.

  • Give the principal at school or the day care center a copy of your protection order and tell them not to release your children to anyone without talking to you first.  Make a password so they can be sure it is you on the phone.  Give them a photo of the abuser.

  • Make sure the children know whom to tell at school if they see the abuser.

  • Make sure the school knows not to give your address or phone number to ANYONE.