Let Us Help You
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Let Us Help You

In the same vein as law enforcement, healthcare providers are immersed into the effects of domestic violence everyday.  Healthcare workers have to deal with the aftermath of a victim being hurt by her loved one, but they still will not talk to us.  We need that to change.  We need victims and family members to let us help you physically and emotionally.

Like all areas in the community, domestic violence has a tremendous impact on the healthcare field.  Some of the statistics include 28% in ambulatory care have been battered, 50% of the patients are currently being battered, 15% of all women with physical injuries are battered, 25% of women seeking prenatal care are victims, 25% of women attempting suicide are victims, and 63% of female psychiatric patients are victims.  Scary numbers.  And like everyone else, we are also learning more on how to work with victims and the perpetrators even more.

We have learned that victims simply do not wish to speak to the physician for many reasons.  Doctors still need to ask probing questions, but nurses must also assume some of the responsibility to provide the opportunity for victims to explore options.  Healthcare providers are in an excellent setting to offer victims information regarding safety, intervention and resources available to them.  Also, as proven in sexual assault cases, health care providers can serve as an effective witness with their documentation, observation, and expert opinion about the injuries.  Because of television shows like .CSI., this is evidence that juries will trust.

People go to the doctor because they are hurt and scared.  Scared of what may happen and of the unknown.  They trust the doctor and nurse when they are given a prescription for the pain, illness or even on prevention.  Healthcare providers offer advice to children about wearing their helmets while on the bike, to safe sex as a young adult and how to live a healthier life as an adult.  All in the name of prevention.  It is now time to assist in preventing unnecessary pain and DEATH by helping victims of domestic violence.  Let us help you.