It Is Homicide Prevention
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It Is Homicide Prevention

With television shows such as .CSI. and .Criminal Minds., the average citizens. perspective of law enforcement.s toughest and most dangerous cases involve serial killers, rapists, child abusers and domestic terrorists.  In all actuality, this is a myth.  Believe it or not, most serial killers and/or terrorists want to get caught.

However, statistically the most dangerous call that patrol officers respond to is domestic violence.  Yes, the neighbors who is yelling all of the time causing officers to knock on their doors.  Many times the violence does not escalate until the officer leaves and thinking will not come back.  But we will.  It is also the number one call that S.W.A.T Teams have to respond to due to him taking her hostage.

Domestic violence is also the most frustrating cases that officer have to investigate.  The victim does not want to prosecute, she actually blames herself, and many times, can be the most hostile person on the scene.  However, we understand that it is normal behavior for victims to act out in this manner.  But we need more information from the rest of the community.  We need assistance from the teachers, doctors, employers, and the citizens who their neighbors.  With all of the .cool. technology we have, it is your statements and testimony that will assist us with our cases and in the courtroom.

Lastly, we also recognize that you, as citizens, in the many roles that you play in the community possess the most power to prevent this crime by helping the victim, the children, and law enforcement.  Help us hold him accountable. something that he has never experience.

While domestic violence cases are not seen as .sexy. as the cases on television, it is the call that officers have to respond to most often.  We recognized that if action is not taken now, it will only get worse.  As for homicides, they are easier for the officer due to it being the end of the violence and we already know who did it most of the time. the batterer.