I Need Your Help
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I Need Your Help

As a judge, I hear a broad range of cases involving crimes of petty theft to DUI.s.  However, the crime that is presented to me most often includes cases of domestic violence.  It is theses cases that can cause me a tremendous amount of frustration.  One reason for the frustration is not understanding the dynamics of this type of relationship.  I have served on both sides of this type of case as a prosecutor and defense attorney and it would appear that I would an understanding of this crime from both perspectives.  However, as a judge, I now understand that I am hearing just a portion of the truth pertaining to the incident.

After attending courses and listening to some experts, I have learned that it is normal for victims to deny, minimize or even blame themselves for the violence.  I also learned that the abuser can appear to be in total control and give the appearance of an upstanding citizen who says the only problem with their relationship is her deficiencies.  And, I have learned that, no matter how hard the criminal justice system works, it is not the sole answer to the problem.

In Rockdale County, we have created a task force to identify and eliminate the loopholes that domestic violence victims and abusers fall through.  However, the major components that we need help with are the citizens and neighborhoods.  It has been illustrated that abusers hide behind the fact that .no one knows. or one will tell..  We as a community need to stand up for the victims and the children by pointing a finger at him, coming to the aid of a victim, providing officers statements, and testifying against him.  More important, illustrate that we are not going to tolerate this behavior in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, workplace and churches.

I implore you to speak up for those who cannot.  Help provide the criminal justice system with all of the required information. because if you do not. then he will be the only one speaking.  We must recognize that it is not only her problem, but the communities.  Help us not to stop the violence for children, but help us prevent homicides.