He Is Not Going Postal
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He Is Not Going Postal

There has been a lot of discussion this month regarding domestic violence.  Many may wonder if the business community should get involve.  Many state that it is a private matter for the home.  But look at the ultimate fear of any employer: workplace violence.  The United States Office of Personnel Management goes as far as utilizing domestic violence in eight of their ten workplace violence scenarios.

The violence may not remain in the home; abusers are also known to harass victims in the workplace in forms such as harassing phone calls, letters, visits, and stalking.  A violent scene on an employer.s premises poses a threat both to the safety and the morale of victim.s co-workers and customers.  Employers may face decreased productivity, disruptions in the work place, and increases in medical bills for injured workers, increased insurance rates, and additional expense for security improvements, negative publicity, and lawsuits.  Employers must understand HE DOES NOT GO POSTAL, HE GOES DOMESTIC.

What can a business do to prevent this violence for the employee at home or in the workplace?  Employers should consider the welfare of their employees and that of their customers, as well as their own legal and business interest, by developing a workplace violence policy that addresses domestic violence.  Even OSHA established a comprehensive regulatory scheme designed to assure so far as possible. safe and healthful working conditions for every working man and woman in the nation.

As a business, the question has to be asked .What are the benefits?..  The benefits for the company include an increase in performance, an increase in employee loyalty, a decrease in liability and good public relations.  The ultimate benefit is your employee who is being abused is empowered.  Empowerment leads to self-esteem and a person with self-esteem can achieve many goals.

Should the business community get involved in the fight against domestic violence?  YES.  Businesses must provide the means of support for victims and not tolerate employees who are abusers.  Owners and managers possess the capacity to hold people accountable for their actions.  We must remember it is not just her problem, but the community.s problem.

For more information, contact the Rockdale County Task Force on Family Violence at 678-938-5799.  The task force will provide the means to build awareness in you office.