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Separation Violence and Stalking

Sometimes leaving an abusive relationship can put you in greater danger than staying.

There are things you can do to help yourself stay safe.

  • Call the Rockdale County Jail at 770-918-6432 and ask that they notify you upon the abusers release from jail.

  • Contact the local Women.s Shelter . Project ReNeWal . at 770-860-1666 (24-hours).

  • Get a Temporary Protective Order (TPO).

  • Create a Safety Plan for you and your children.

  • Develop a support system of family, friends, and co-workers.

  • Alert your neighbors.  Instruct them to cal 911 if they see the abuser.

Stalking is a pattern of behaviors that harasses or puts the victim under surveillance.  If this occurs:

  • Call the police; make a report after each incident.

  • Carry a cell phone with you at all times.  Keep it available at home and while you are out.

  • Keep a .log. of all phone calls and contacts.  Include the following information in your log: the date, time, type of contact, witnesses, and length of contact.

Examples of Stalking may include:

  • Following you when you are in your car, at work, or shopping.

  • Driving by your house, school, or work.

  • Calling several times over a short period of time an/or at unusual times during the day or night.