Programs and Services
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Programs and Services









Shelter: Project ReNeWal has a 12,000 square foot facility that enables them to shelter 20 individuals nightly who wish to take advantage of their domestic violence intervention program.

Personal Care Items: Project ReNeWal has on-site the ability to store a variety of personal care items needed by families who contact them on a daily basis. These items range from shampoo, tooth brushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, makeup, deodorant, razors, lotions, feminine products, diapers, wipes, etc.

Clothing: Project ReNeWal has an on-site clothing storage area. One room for children.s clothing and one room for adult clothing makes up our clothes closet. All items, new and slightly used, are donated by individuals, churches and civic organizations.

Misc. Household Goods: Project ReNeWal has two storage areas for slightly used household items. These items are used when individuals and families move into their own safe housing.

Counseling: Project ReNeWal provides on-site group counseling sessions on a weekly basis at the facility. We also provide weekly group sessions away from the facility in all three counties that we serve.

Individual counseling is available at the request of the victim.

Parenting Classes: Project ReNeWal provides on-site parenting classes on a weekly basis for residents of the facility. These classes are mandatory and free of charge to residents who are living in our shelter.

Children.s Advocacy: Project ReNeWal has a full time children.s advocate on staff. She provides individual support to the children who enter our facility. This might include, but is not limited to, clothing, school supplies, tutoring, arranging school transportation and counseling.

Nutrition Program: Project ReNeWal has a cook who provides a nutritious meal each evening to individuals living in our facility. She also provides information regarding preparing a nutritious meal, budgeting for food, healthy snacks for children and maintaining a healthy diet for your family.

Legal Advocacy: Assistance with legal matters that victims might have is available on a daily basis. This is, however, limited to referrals and contacts with individuals/organizations who might be able to assist with extensive legal situations. Our staff is able to assist with Temporary Protect Order applications.

Transportation: Transportation is provided on a limited basis to other human services organizations such as: mental health, Department of Family and Children.s Services, Health Department, Doctor.s appointments and School appointments.

Other assistance may be provided, as funding allows, for items such as car insurance payments, tires, tune ups, tags, etc., when needed to provide the family with work and an income.

Housing: Project ReNeWal provides assistance with obtaining housing to families who have completed the suggested steps in our program. This assistance is provided as funding allows. Application fees, deposits and first months rent are some of the areas in which we may be able to provide assistance as individuals and families complete the steps needed to allow them to live independent violence free lives.

Utilities: Project ReNeWal provides assistance with obtaining utilities for new apartments/homes to families who have completed the suggested steps in our program. This assistance is provided as funding allows.