Hide Your Tracks
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Procedure to keep others from knowing you have visited this domestic violence site

After you have read these instructions and understand what to do, please close yourĀ  Internet browser. Restart your browser and then follow the instructions to clear your cache making sure that you are not currently on the Rockdale Aware web site.

Instructions on how to clear the History/Cache in Internet Explorer on a PC.

  1. Select "Internet Options" from the "View" or "Tools" option (depending on the version you are running) on Internet Explorer's toolbar.

  2. Under the "General" tab heading under "Internet Options" there are three steps you need to perform to clear your browsing history.

  3. 1) Delete Cookies...
    Click in the button and click OK when the dialog box pops up.

    2) Delete Files...
    Click on the Delete Files button and when the dialog box pops up select the Delete all offline content and click OK. This process may take a few minutes to run on a system that has not had its temporary files cleaned off for a while. Just wait for it to finish.

    3) Clear History...
    Click on the Clear History button and click Yes when the popup window appears.

  4. Click "OK" at the bottom of the "Internet Options" box.

  5. To double check that everything is cleared, click the "History" button on the web browser toolbar (You can also press Ctrl+H)- the history should be empty. Also, click the arrow on the right of the URL Address box at the top - it should be empty as well.